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About 0.8L

Do you know what 0.8L does?

Native review

Real, trustworthy reviews on social media hold more value than ever before. With 0.8L's global service, you can now get trustworthy reviews aggregated from participating consumers from all over the world.

Social marketing

In 2016, marketing concentrates on mobile! Consumers promote products by using the product and sharing their experience on social media. With over 15 million users on social media channels, promote your product for free now.

Global sales

Penetrate the global market and overcome distribution and marketing barriers. Products with high customer satisfaction rates are sold on 0.8L's platform worldwide. You can enter the next best global e-commerce market with the lowest commission rate.

Why 0.8L

Why Do Global Brands Work with 0.8L?
  • Start Now

    Joining 0.8L's new, revolutionary platform is simple.
    In just a few clicks, you'll be ready to swiftly spread the word
    about your brand across a well-connected, global platform.

  • Expand to the Global Market

    0.8L is the fastest and easiest way for partners to
    improve their reputation among global consumers and
    climb the ranks in a global market.

  • Straightforward Commision-based System

    Registering a campaign with us is free.
    Commision is only chargeable when you sell products through 0.8L,
    and this will be at the lowest rates in the industry. Join us
    to experience our innovative platform where marketing, distribution,
    and a unique commission system converge.

  • Effective Management

    0.8L effectively manages its many partners through the Global Partner Center.
    Global Marketing Managers are also here to facilitate your
    smooth transition into the global market.



Partner Center & Campaign Registration

After making an account on the Partner Center, you can proceed to register a campaign for your product. Social experience marketing for your brand starts the moment your campaign is approved by 0.8L administrators.


Social Experience Marketing

TRY FREE : Apply to be selected to try the product for free during a 72-hour campaign

TRY NOW : Purchase the product and try it at 50% of the original price


Editor Selection and Shipping

TRY FREE : Winners are selected automatically by the system

TRY NOW : Customers purchase the allocated quantity of products


Editor Reviews and the Result Report

Editors share their honest review on social media channels. We provide information regarding the staus of the campaign and editors' reviews via a result report, available in the Global Partner Center.


Review Widget

Reviews can be aggregated into an optional, free widget for your website


Sell Globally
(Only for Partners on the Premium Plan)

We sell products that receive at least 4-star reviews through 0.8L campaigns. After negotiating commission, we will discuss accounts and contracts.


We have partnered with over 1,000 brands from all across the world, garnering a 95% satisfaction rate.


0.8L we brings products from all over the world into the hands of our users.

Service type

Anyone can join us for free. Sellers will be only charged a minimal fee.


Users try products for free and review them


(Brands cover promotional products
and shipping costs)
  • Social experience marketing
  • Result report provided
  • Social Network widget provided


Consumers buy the product at 50% of the original selling price and share a review on social media after trying the product out.

Profits for seller

(10% commission for 0.8L)
  • Social experience marketing
  • Result report provided
  • Social Network widget provided


Products are purchased by global consumers

Profits for seller

(Sellers receive revenue from sales after
the negotiated commission is deducted)
  • Social experience marketing
  • Result report provided
  • Social Network widget provided
  • Sell in Korea, China, USA and Indonesia

Meet us

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Business Registration Number: 120-88-23402

  • Join Design Building 2F, Hakdong-ro 223-6, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Phone 02 569 3332 Fax 0303 3446 333

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